Amer Lake

Friday, August 27, 2010

Its Official, I am on my way!

After much waiting and organizing, I am on my way tomorrow morning to Arviat, Nunavut! I am looking forward to it! Take a peek at where I will be staying.,_Nunavut  . I won't be spending a great deal of time here, as I will be out in a helicopter being transported around our Aura properties. The helicopter will drop us off at our Robin and F13 projects (gold/silver/copper). Looks like a very long day planned.  We will be collecting samples. This trip will be very informative for me in my role as investor relations for the company. It always helps to see and understand the projects. Well, I  hope my computer works to maintain this blog!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weather or not...

My trip is somewhat weather dependant. It turns out our President left Yellowknife yesterday to fly to Amaruk. He made it almost all the way (6 hours) when the plane turned around and headed back to Yellowknife! He was disappointed but also happy as his luggage did not arrive on his original flight to Yellowknife. He was going to make his way to camp without gear! His luggage arrived with the extra days. All's well that ends well...

Waiting for a sign

Still waiting to hear when and if I will be heading to Nunavut. The President has been delayed for 2 days therefore.. I too shall wait. I was originally going to Arviat to go to our Aura projects; F13 and Robin but there were no available rooms and the helicopter was not able to accommodate me along with the required geologists. I am now waiting to hear if I will be meeting the crew in Baker Lake and flying from there to our Mallery Lake project, where we are currently sampling to determine drill targets in and around the 24.6 g/t gold showing. I am very excited to be going and I will be taking lots of stay tuned.